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The Kendall Nicole Eich Foundation Announces Lance Kawaguchi as their New Chairman

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – The Kendall Nicole Eich Foundation has announced Lance Kawaguchi as the new Chairman of its Board of Directors. The appointment brings to the organization a leader who has rapidly transformed and elevated multiple cancer charities globally.

Mr. Kawaguchi is writing a new chapter in the history of brain cancer. Once the “forgotten cancer”, he is bringing global attention to enhanced collaboration between brain cancer charities for breakthroughs in adult and pediatric brain cancer. And he is driven by the urgency that a brain cancer diagnosis which has a 22% survival rate 5 years post diagnosis, has remained relatively unchanged in 30 years.

Having traversed a long road of losing his own mother to cancer, Mr. Kawaguchi is on a mission, much like Cindy Eich, President of Kendall Nicole Eich Foundation, in memory of her young daughter, to support families impacted by this terrible disease.

“It is an honor to be part of the Kendall Nicole Eich Foundation. It is in some ways a tribute to my mum to serve an organization that is working in Chicago and the Midwest, where I have spent much of my early life and career. In my experience, there is no mission quite as powerful as the one that is driven by personal loss. I value the work done by the Foundation, as it assists individuals and families at the most vulnerable times of their lives. I believe as charities we cannot work in siloes. No one organization can do it all and we must align our resources and energies to bring attention to every aspect of brain cancer treatment, diagnosis, and care, “says Mr. Kawaguchi.

Since January 2021, Mr. Kawaguchi has been CEO of the Australia-based Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Hong Kong-based Asian Fund for Cancer Research and a member of the Board of the Maryland-based National Foundation for Cancer Research in addition to recently becoming the Chairman of the Board of the Miami-based Glioblastoma Research Organization as well as Chairman of the Board of the Oregon-based Kim’s Hope.

The rapid rise of Mr. Kawaguchi’s profile as a non-profit sector leader follows a successful 25-year career in finance and banking. Recently honored as the not-for-profit Executive of the Year by the CEO magazine and the CEO of the Year for the Third Sector, Mr. Kawaguchi’s appointment brings in urgency and momentum to the collaborative efforts for a cure and support for brain cancer patients globally.

Championing diversity and inclusivity have also long been priorities of Mr. Kawaguchi. The majority of the various cancer charities he is now serving, has a female Board member or woman Chief Executive, President or CEO.

“As a leading voice for the global brain cancer community, I’ve quickly known Lance to be a visionary and transformative leader who challenges the status quo. His ability to design strategies and execute these quickly and efficiently is inspiring” states Ms. Eich. "We are proud to welcome Lance Kawaguchi as Chairman of the Board of The Kendall Nicole Eich Foundation. We celebrate Lance’s bold pursuit of a cure as we unite in support of brain cancer patients and their families. “No matter how far we go, our love goes further.”"

About the Kendall Nicole Eich Foundation

Diagnosed with glioblastoma at 30 years old, Kendall Nicole Eich led those she loved on a five-year journey of bravery, acceptance, humor and compassion. Kendall was relentlessly positive, finding joy on even her most difficult days. The mission of the foundation formed in her memory is to share Kendall’s spirit of compassion and generosity with families experiencing brain cancer, offering joy for today and hope for tomorrow, because “love goes further.” To learn more, visit

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