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Imagine this ... a banker turned non-profit leader trekking the South Pole over Christmas.

You might be wondering what in the world I'm doing, and sometimes, I wonder the same thing about myself. But deep down, I'm grounded by a higher mission, a greater purpose.


I'm driven to do something beyond myself, to raise awareness for a cause much bigger than all of us.

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Cancer hits close to home for so many, and my family is no exception. In 2016, my mother lost her battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.


She was given only a few months to live, but fortunately, I was able to be by her side during those last few precious moments. And during that time, I made a few promises to her that I am determined to keep.

Firstly, she told me to find a better work-life balance. As a workaholic (and yes, I still am), she knew the importance of putting family first. My wife, Lily, and our family should always be at the forefront of everything I do. And they certainly are (I hope Lily would agree). 


Secondly, she asked me to take care of my dad. Being an only child, I've made it a point to stay connected with my father, who still resides in Hawaii. I cherish our bond, and he will be one of the first people I see once my South Pole trek is complete.

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Lastly, my mother urged me to do something for the greater good. She acknowledged my successful corporate career in banking but wanted me to redirect my efforts toward giving back in a different way.


That's how I ended up taking over a non-profit cancer organization in Australia, where my family and I have been for the past several years. Knowing that I have turned this organization around and set it on the right path fills me with immense pride.

And from there, the whirlwind continued. I now sit on the boards of multiple cancer charities worldwide, each playing a critical role in the collective mission of raising funds for cancer research.


So here I am, embarking on this new challenge, venturing into uncharted territory. It's not just about the South Pole; it's about pushing boundaries, making a difference, and leaving a lasting impact. Together, let's defy expectations and spark change.


I hope you join us.

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