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WINKS, Names New Board Chairman, Joins South Pole Trek 4 Cancer to Raise Money for Research

[Suffolk, Vir.] WINKS, With INtentional Kindness and Support, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to enhance the quality of life for brain tumor patients and caregivers, is proud to announce the appointment of Lance Kawaguchi to serve as Chairman of its board of directors. Lance has swiftly emerged as a prominent leader in the non-profit sector, following a successful 25-year career in global finance and banking. After experiencing the devastating loss of his mother to cancer in 2016, Lance made the courageous decision to leave behind his thriving corporate banking career and take the helm of Australia-based Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and is now proud to serve alongside Sam and WINKS.

“Having experienced the heartbreaking loss of a loved one to this devastating disease, I intimately understand the pain it inflicts. In 2016, my mother succumbed to pancreatic cancer, forever changing my perspective,” said Lance Kawaguchi. “Since then, my dedication has been unwavering as I strive to generate vital funds for cancer research and facilitate collaboration among charitable organizations. Together, we can make a meaningful difference, and I am thankful to Samaria and WINKS for joining us.”

Additionally, in December, Lance will embark on a remarkable journey to Antarctica and the South Pole with a mission to raise a flag on behalf of WINKS and 22 other cancer charities around the globe. The South Pole Trek 4 Cancer is about breaking down conventional barriers and traditional silos that make up non-profit work and instead leading the way with global collaboration by bringing together multiple charities from around the world to fight together. WINKS and its leadership epitomize what the trek stands for.

After successfully overcoming a brain tumor herself, WINKS founder, Samaria Hunter, made the brave decision to leave her position with a government contractor and dedicate her efforts to helping others. While her personal experience with treatment and recovery was relatively smooth, she recognizes that not everyone facing cancer is as fortunate.

Samaria attributes her positive outcome to the excellent healthcare she received with her retired military benefits and the unwavering support she found within her community. With this in mind, she is determined to support and provide assistance to those who may not have access to similar levels of resources and support networks as she had.

“WINKS stands for With Intentional Kindness and Support, and the name encapsulates the profound sense of care and compassion I experienced during my own journey of brain cancer treatment and recovery. It instilled in me a deep desire to pay it forward to those who are in dire need of such support, said Samaria Hunter, founder of WINKS. “Urgently, we must strive towards finding a cure by advocating for increased research funding. Meanwhile, WINKS remains steadfast in its commitment to offer grants, knowledge, and unwavering support to our local community. We feel immensely grateful to have Lance serve as our board chairman and applaud his extraordinary journey to the South Pole, as we endeavor to bring attention to the critical importance of cancer research and collaboration in our collective quest for a cure.”

In a gesture of unity, once Lance arrives at the South Pole, he will raise a flag on behalf of WINKS, 22 other charities represented and cancer patients around the world. To learn more about the SouthPoleTrek4Cancer please visit To donate to WINKS please visit


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